Why Is It So Important to Buy American Made Products?

Why Is It So Important to Buy American Made Products?


Why is it so important to buy American Products? I mean the Chinese products are way cheaper. Isn’t it better for consumers to buy the cheapest products? Why should I buy American made Products when they are so expensive? All of these are good questions and valid ones in an economic environment which is fair and everyone follows the global rules.

But, for decades, since the 1970s every country has been dumping cheap and subsidized products onto the U.S. market which has cost millions of jobs in the U.S.A. The companies like Apple and Dell have taken advantage of low cost labor and lax regulations and environmental rules to maximize their profits. They and many other companies like them have moved factories offshore, which also means that well paying American Jobs have also been off-shored. There has been a systematic gutting of the U.S. Industrial base.

The other countries have allowed their labor to be exploited by these corporations. This has proved to be disastrous for both the people of the U.S.A and cheap labor countries.

We all are consumers in a market economy. We all vote with our money every day when we choose one product over another. We can vote in favor of the U.S.A and the U.S. Jobs when we spend our hard earned money on American made products. This is why you should buy American made products.


5 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Buy American Made Products

The five major reasons why you should buy American made products are shown below.

Buying American products is just not about showing your patriotism, it is about promoting shared American values of justice and fair competition. There is a multitude of reasons why you should buy American made products, but the five biggest reasons are securing American jobs, stopping slavery in the developing world such as China, making America more independent, Investing in America,

and protecting not only the American nature but also the nature of the whole world. All of these reasons are explained in great detail below:

1. Safeguarding American Jobs

When you are buying an American made product, you are expressing your

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confidence in that product. You are expressing that you believe the Americans made high quality products. Even though you may be paying a bit more for the American made product, you are also securing American jobs. There is a person on the other side of America who is expressing his/ her great fullness to you because he is working in a well paying and secure job because his/ her fellow American decided to buy a product made in American, by the Americans, and for the Americans. This is what happens when you chose to buy an American made product instead of a cheap foreign knockoff. You are securing future American jobs by buying American made products.

2. Stopping Slavery in the world

When you buy American made products, you can be sure that it follows the laws and regulations of America. Although, sometimes some American producers break these regulations, you can be sure about 90% of the time that these products are made by the Americans who are getting paid and not being forced to make these products.

But, you cannot be sure of the foreign products that you. There is a high chance that the foreign products that you are buying have some sort of slavery component in it. It is especially true for Chinese made products. So, you are stopping slavery when you are buying American products.

3. Promote American Independence

When you buy American made product, you are exerting American independence. This means that America would not depend upon any foreign entity, which may be not friendly to us, to meet its essential needs.

So, you are promoting American Independence when you buy American made products. American dependence on foreign hostile powers has been also highlighted by the Pentagon. Pentagon had highlighted how much America has become dependent on Chinese made products and rare earth minerals only mined and refined in China to meets its military needs. This is also true for many other products such as raw materials for essential medicine and masks, which has been made clear by the Covid-19 pandemic.

4. Help Invest in America

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When you buy American made products, you are increasing the demand for the American made products. To meet the increased demand for the American made products, companies would invest in expanding supplies and factories which would create further demand for equipment and construction which will create more jobs. This will result in a virtuous circle where buying American made products would create more demand for American made products which will result in expanding supplies which will create more jobs and so on and so on.

More foreign companies would also invest in America as they would see that Americans only buy American made products. So, to capture the share in the world’s biggest consumer market, they would invest in America.

5. Environment protection

The Environmental protection agency or EPA regulates the industries and stops them from polluting in America. This is not true for the rest of the world and especially for the developing countries where the environment regulators are extremely weak and are unable to enforce environmental regulations.

So, when you buy a foreign made product, you are also promoting pollution that contributes to the people of that particular nation getting sick. But, when you buy American-made products, you can be sure that these products are strictly following American environmental regulations. So, you are protecting nature when you are buying American made products. You cannot be sure of this fact when you are buying foreign made products.


There is a multitude of reasons why you should buy American made products? You are promoting fairness and equality and competition, which are the backbone of the American system. You are also protecting American jobs.

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