TACTICAL HEARING is a family-owned and operated business with over 45 years of combined experience. We are an innovator of extreme performance custom-fitted digital enhancement and protection instruments. Hearing and protecting hearing is our one priority.

We are outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and sportsmen/women and extremely active in all the fields we love. Throughout the years this spurred a degree of interest in protecting hearing in these fields that has increased through the years to where we find ourselves today as the nation’s leading high-end producers of micro custom hearing protection instruments.

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TACTICAL HEARING is the innovative leader in micro custom high-performance digital hearing enhancement and hearing protection instruments. If you are exposed to noisy environments through your profession (such as law enforcement, military manufacturing, dentistry, or aviation) or recreational activities (such as hunting, shooting, or motorsports), TACTICAL HEARING has a hearing protection device for you.


Since I’ve received my TACTICAL HEARING instruments from you last summer, I’ve been superbly pleased. It’s funny, how nobody has a problem with getting glasses when they can’t see, but so many of us (including me) resist helping our hearing when we need it, and have neglected protecting our hearing so we do need that help.

There are very few environments where these devices don’t help, and in those, I can’t hear anything, anyway; but at least when the environment is too loud, these devices block out the worst noise, allowing me to think.

There is another advantage to keeping them in all the time, an advantage I hadn’t thought about until I got them and realized how comfortable they are: sometimes, like when I’m concentrating in a public place, I really don’t want to hear what’s going on around me. They fit so well that they are very effective at blocking out the distractions. All I have to do is turn them off.

Tim Kern - www.121five.com

I have never bought a hearing aid or a hearing enhancement device, because I was told by a medical doctor that they would do no good. I purchased the Ultra HD anyway, and to my surprise, I can hear sounds that I haven’t heard in ten or more years. These things work and they work very well! It is almost as another world with sounds has been given to me. I wear them all the time, shooting, watching a movie and actually understanding what is being said, and everywhere else. I have friends who have paid more than three times what I paid for the Ultras for their hearing aids and they do not work as well as the Ultras, enhancement and protection devices. Thanks for a great product; it really makes a difference in the quality of my life! I would recommend them to anyone who needs hearing enhancement or protection.

Reverend Timothy D. Bryson, SC

As a Professional pilot and race pilot I have found the TACTICAL HEARING Custom-Fit Ultra HD instruments to have superior performance in every way compared to the “hearing aids” I have been using. The protection I get is amazing. I would recommend them to any pilot.

My TACTICAL Ears work great! especially with my headset.

Rich Beardsley, CA

I like the sound of loud crashes, explosions and shoot outs. Bottom line is the Ultra HD series is an excellent product that gives me hearing that I would expect to pay $7,000 to $10,000 from an Audiologist. I know this because that was the range I was quoted when I went for a hearing test a year ago and didn't purchase hearing aids at that time, and they do not provide protection as the TACTICAL HEARING devices do. I'm incredibly happy with the UltraHD hearing protection and enhancement device.

Richard Smith, Charlotte NC

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