Tactical Hearing For Hunters

Tactical Hearing For Hunters Ear Protection And Hearing Enhancement



At TACTICAL HEARING we offer the latest in custom-fitted extreme hearing enhancement and hearing protection devices.

Now you will hear like the game your chasing with our micro custom-fitted hearing enhancement and protection systems for hunters, custom-built just for you.

Aaron Neilson hunting ear protection for hunters

“As hunters, we use the best guns, ammo, optics, boots, and clothing money can buy.  Yet we often overlook one of the most important aspects in the field, our sense of hearing!  That’s why I rely solely on TACTICAL HEARING, both for protection and audio enhancement while at the range and in the field. 

You only get one set of ears, take care of them.  I take care of mine, with TACTICAL HEARING!”


Aaron Neilson

Host of Trijicon's World of Sports Afield , SPORTSMAN CHANNEL.

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