Why Hearing Protection Is Important While Shooting Guns

Why Hearing Protection Is Important While Shooting Guns

Why Is Ear Protection Important While Shooting?

Our ears are built to withstand the daily cacophony of noises that we experience throughout our lives, like bird calls, conversation, footsteps and floor creaks. However, they are not capable of tolerating some of the more intense and damaging sounds that bombard us in the modern world, such as honking horns, train crossings, lawn mowers, and construction.

Cilia are tiny hairlike filaments in our ears that sway back and forth as sound passes through, allowing us to register, interpret, and understand what the sound means. Noises that are too loud will damage and kill the cilia cells, and in turn, damage and impair your hearing. Sound, measured in decibels, becomes seriously harmful at 120 decibels. The average firearm decibel level is between 140 - 165 dB, which is way above the danger levels, according to the cdc.

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Prolonged exposure to anything at or above 70 decibels will also cause long term damage. The average car registers at about 70 decibels, and so many other sounds in our modern world are even louder. Hearing protection is vital in shielding our ears, and cilia, so that our hearing will last for years to come.

How electronic hearing protection devices work.

Traditional earplugs are meant to cancel out noises that will damage our hearing. Where they fall short are situations in which our sense of sound is still vital, despite the presence of damagingly loud conditions. Electronic hearing protection allows you to experience those important, meaningful noises, without exposing your cilia to harmful decibel levels.

Useful in a wide variety of environments, electronic hearing protection devices soften the damaging noises while amplifying the hushed, faint ones. This effectively preserves your hearing while keeping you alert and cognizant of your surroundings. Electronic hearing protection, or as we like to call them, Tactical Hearing Devices, are a must for people who work in loud environments, like pilots, mechanics, and even dentists.

The Best Shooting Hearing Protection Device


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The average gunshot has a decibel rating of about 140 - 170 decibels. With damage to our ears occurring at as low as 70 decibels, and immediate injury at 120 decibels, the sound of a gunshot can undoubtedly ravage our hearing. Ear plugs can be used while hunting, it is a sport that absolutely demands the use of finely tuned hearing - missing the sound of a snapping twig, or rustling leaf, could cost the entire hunt. It is important to be completely present, in the moment, and completely aware of the environment.invigorating exercise should not come at the cost of your hearing, though, which means that digital shooting ear protection is an absolute necessity.

At Tactical Hearing, we offer a high quality, trusted, custom fit protection device that will maintain your hearing, without sacrificing the sounds that keep memories rich. We pioneered the world of  extreme performance digital hearing enhancement and protection systems, and craft the best shooting hearing protection modern technology has to offer. Our products range in price and design, and our quality is uncompromising. Pick out a tailor-made tactical hearing device from our site to protect your ears, and enhance the way you experience.

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