Larysa Unleashed Signature

The Larysa Unleashed Signature HS-8 hearing protection and enhancement device from TACTICAL HEARING.

The most advanced performing digital hearing technology available today. The beauty of the HS-8 is that it amplifies very quiet sounds and allows you to hear up to 8 times your normal hearing in clear digital HD sound, while its super-fast microprocessor blocks out loud noise. (compression activates in milliseconds).

This instrument is a safety system for your ears, blocking out loud noises while letting you enjoy the sounds you need and want to hear, highly enhanced. It can be used for automatic weapons, and rapid-fire. You will be amazed at the clear HD quality sound of this device.

You will Significantly “Enhance your Hearing while Enhancing your Hunt” … You, Will, Have the Edge Now and Hear the Unheard®!

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