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Hs8 Pro Custom Fit | Tactical Hearing Performance Amplifier
Hs8 Pro Custom Fit | Tactical Hearing Performance Amplifier
Hs8 Pro Custom Fit | Tactical Hearing Performance Amplifier
Hs8 Pro Custom Fit | Tactical Hearing Performance Amplifier

HS8 Pro


The most advanced performing digital hearing technology available today. The beauty of the HS-8 is that it amplifies very quiet sounds and allows you to hear up to 8 times your normal hearing in clear digital HD sound, while its super-fast microprocessor blocks out loud noise. (compression activates in milliseconds).

This instrument is a safety system for your ears, blocking out loud noises while letting you enjoy the sounds you need and want to hear, highly enhanced. It can be used for automatic weapons, and rapid-fire. You will be amazed at the clear HD quality sound of this device.

You will Significantly “Enhance your Hearing while Enhancing your Hunt” … You, Will, Have the Edge Now and Hear the Unheard®!

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Why is Hearing Protection and Enhancement Important?

Hearing Protection

A normal conversation is around 60 decibels. Noise above 70 dB for a prolonged period of time can start to cause damage to your hearing. A loud noise above 120 decibels can cause immediate hearing damage. 

The average gunshot ranges from 140-165 dB, construction sites are usually 80-90 decibels. With Tactical Hearing's industry leading hearing protection technology, you won't have to worry about damaging your hearing while working and doing what you love.

Hearing Enhancement

Our devices are equipped to both protect and enhance your sense of hearing, all in one earpiece. Loud noises such as gunshots and machinery will be suppressed and dampened. At the same time, our earbuds can pick up and amplify quiet sounds, such as voices and leaves/branches breaking.

Gain the ultimate advantage while hunting by hearing the unheard. Pick up the subtle branch being snapped or the cracking of leaves from a deer you had no idea was in your general area. Hear your site manager and crew members talking to you with constantly loud machinery on a construction site. With Tactical Hearing, you'll have the ability to hear voices talking to you while shooting at a range.


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What our customers think

Richard Smith

the Ultra HD series is an excellent product that gives me hearing that I would expect to pay $7,000 to $10,000 from an Audiologist. I know this because that was the range I was quoted when I went for a hearing test a year ago and didn't purchase hearing aids at that time, and they do not provide protection as the Tactical Hearing devices do.

Timothy D.

I have friends who have paid more than three times what I paid for the Ultras for their hearing protection and enhancement devices, and they do not work as well as the Ultras. The option to finance your devices is also super helpful.

Tim Kern

Since I’ve received my Tactical Hearing instruments from you last summer, I’ve been extremely impressed. It’s funny, how nobody has a problem with getting glasses when they can’t see, but so many of us (including me) resist helping our hearing when we need it, and have neglected protecting our hearing so we do need that help.

Rich Beardsley

As a Professional pilot and race pilot I have found the Tactical Hearing Custom-Fit Ultra HD instruments to have superior performance in every way compared to the “hearing aids” I have been using. The protection I get is amazing. I would recommend them to any pilot. My TACTICAL Ears work great! especially with my headset.

Craig Riding

I was about to go on a big hunting trip and a friend of mine recommended me to look into hearing enhancement devices. After doing some research, I decided to give Tactical Hearing a try. I can't believe I've been hunting without these earbuds for so long, they work perfectly! I can hear branches braking and leaves cracking all around me. Tactical Hearing has taken my enjoyment of hunting to another level!

Josh V.

I work in construction, so I'm always working around loud machinery and trucks. I knew it wasn't good for my hearing to be unprotected, so I went online and found Tactical Hearing. The Lobos have completely changed the way I work. I can barely hear all of the loud tools, but still clearly hear my crew and manager talk to me. I recommended Tactical Hearing to my entire crew!

Why Choose Tactical Hearing

TACTICAL HEARING is a family owned and operated business with over 45 years of combined experience. We are an innovator of extreme performance digital hearing enhancement and protection systems. Your hearing, or lack of, is our highest priority. Our instruments utilize the latest technologies in semiconductor circuits focusing on state of the art hearing enhancement and protection devices for outdoorsman/women, hunting, shooting, dentistry, aviation, and general hearing protection and enhancement. Providing you results is our mission.

The ability to hear is something that many people take for granted, but losing it can be extremely difficult. Protecting your ears from damage is the best way to enjoy all the things you love—meaningful conversations, favorite television shows and movies, music, and many other wonderful sounds. If you’re experiencing issues with your hearing, TACTICAL HEARING is here to help. We offer high quality, custom fit tactical hearing devices online.


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Tactical Lobo |  Hearing Performance Hearing Devices
Tactical Lobo |  Hearing Performance Hearing Devices
Tactical Lobo |  Hearing Performance Hearing Devices
Tactical Lobo
Tactical Lobo
Tactical Lobo | Tactical Hearing Performance Hearing Devices For hunting ear protection
Tactical Lobo | Tactical Hearing Performance Hearing Devices For hunting ear protection

Tactical Lobo


The LOBO is an advanced wide range compression system. It suppresses high impact sounds while amplifying low and normal sounds. The advanced features include an environmental recognition that senses unwanted background noise and removes it from the audio stream. An adaptive feedback canceler which senses and cancels out annoying whistling.



  • 10A battery

  • On/Off volume control

  • Left & Right shell

  • Two sizes of fitting tips

  • Extraction line

  • HF4 Wax Trap System


Maximum output 


 HF average SSPL90 


 Full on peak gain


HF average full on gain 


 Battery current drain 


Battery life(10A Zinc-Air)

90 Hrs.


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