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Tactical Hearing is a Proud Sponsor of Global Hunting Resources

Aaron Nielson
President of Global Hunting Resources

"As hunters, we use the best guns, ammo, optics, boots, and clothing money can buy. Yet we often overlook one of the most important aspects in the field, our sense of hearing! That’s why I rely solely on TACTICAL HEARING, both for protection and audio enhancement while at the range and in the field.

You only get one set of ears, take care of them. I take care of mine, with TACTICAL HEARING!”

Why Choose Tactical Hearing for Your Next
Hunting Trip

Global Hunting Resources (GHR) offers hunting and fishing adventures around the globe to clients. Tactical Hearing devices are made with hunters in mind. This is why the partnership between Global Hunting Resources and Tactical Hearing is the perfect fit.

Tactical Hearing's hearing protection and enhancement devices are made to enhance the quiet sounds around you. This means you can hear deer, elk, or whatever you are hunting, moving around you. Hear a branch break or leaves cracking that you would have never been able to hear before. All of this is possible with Tactical Hearing, while protecting your sense of hearing from loud gunshots from rifles to shotguns. Gain the ultimate advantage with Tactical Hearing

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Adjustable Multi-memory Tone Indicator For Hearing Enhance
Adjustable Multi-memory Tone Indicator For Hearing Enhance
Adjustable Multi-memory Tone Indicator For Hearing Enhance



An excellent entry-level digital hearing and protection instrument offering 2 compression channels (10 gain channels) and up to four memories.

Dynamic Contrast Detection which enhances speech without distortion.

Multi-memory tone indicator.

Adjustable manual volume control, sound compression at 85 dB

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What Other Hunters Have To Say About Tactical Hearing

I usually don't write product reviews, but I absolutely love my Tactical Hearing headphones and I wanted to share about it. I bought these when planning a hunting trip a while back, and I had never used a hear protection or enhancement device before while hunting. I was skeptical of how well these would work, and was immediately blown away. I wish I had found these years ago, but boy am I glad I did. I recommend Tactical Hearing to all of my hunting buddies.

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John S.

These headphones almost feel like a cheat code when hunting. I feel like I can hear every little sound around me, which makes hunting a more enjoyable and successful time. Tactical Hearing's headphones seem super expensive but they are absolutely worth the price, especially if you take hunting seriously.

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Richard B.

I used to shoot guns with those disposable earplugs, but I still felt like I wasn't doing enough to protect my hearing. I started looking around for something better, and that is when I found Tactical Hearing. The selling point for me was the option to finance these headphones. I have no idea how these work, but they're amazing. I can hear my friends talking crystal clear, all while gunshots are being muffled. Couldn't be happier with my purchase!

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Tim K.

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