“TACTICAL INDUSTRIA” designed for industrial use, offering our most advanced hearing protection system to date.

The TI36HD was developed at the request of one of the industry's leading and award winning safety specialists and can help reduce or help eliminate recordable shifts as defined by OSHA and MSHA. 

The technology in this earpiece is cutting edge. Our research and development is ongoing to continually provide the very best and safest hearing protective and enhancing products available.



  • Flawlessly adjusts for the 4 listening categories between quiet or speech, background noise with speech, and extremely noisy environments. The protection circuit is astounding.

  • Automatically detects and cancels whistling as a result of feedback.

  • Reduces the volume of sudden impact noises Compression activates at 84dB

  • Designed to help enhance the sound of voices

  • Increases gain in bands where speech is dominant

  • Automatically adjusts to focus on conversation and minimizes background noises.

  • Allows concentration on sounds in front of you or the continuous increase in attentiveness to surrounding sounds

  • Exceptional sound quality and superior speech comprehension for comfortable listening

  • Digital

  • Custom Fit

  • 36 Channel

  • 4 Memories

  • Advanced Technology Level

  • Volume Control

  • On-Board Control Memory Button, Mic, Knob, VC.

  • Microphones Multi-Band Adaptive

  • Noise Reduction

  • Sound Compression

  • Sudden Noise Protection (Compression at 84dB)

  • Wind Noise Protection

  • Feedback Management

  • Battery Size #10

  • Service Warranty 1 year included

  • NRR 26 (Means: 30 - 45 NRR) 

  • Patent Pending

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