The TACTICAL T-4-16-HD in the Custom Series was recently developed using new state of the art technology in high-end circuitry to offer the best hearing enhancement and protection technology available in a 16 channel system. The T-4 -16-HD offers a selection of options that will fit your unique hearing situation, preferences and lifestyle. T-4-16-HD is the most advanced hearing enhancement instrument in its class and provides effective solutions in any situation with its easy-to-wear styles and breakthrough technologies.

Noise reduction and feedback reduction have been improved for the T-4-16-HD.

Experience unparalleled performance, which gets results!

Key Features:

  • Flawlessly adjusts for the 4 listening categories between quiet or speech, background noise with speech, and extremely noisy environments. The protection circuit is astounding.
  • Automatically detects and cancels whistling as a result of feedback.
  • Reduces the volume of sudden impact noises Compression activates at 85dB
  • Designed to enhance the sound of music
  • Increases gain in bands where speech is dominant
  • Automatically adjusts to focus on conversation and minimizes background noises. Gain additional control
  • Allows concentration on sounds in front of you or the continuous increase in attentiveness to surrounding sounds
  • Exceptional sound quality and superior speech comprehension for comfortable listening
  • Digital Yes
  • Custom Fit
  • Channels 16
  • Memories 4
  • Technology Level Advanced
  • Volume Control Yes
  • On-Board Control Type Memory Button & knob
  • Directional Microphones Multi-Band Adaptive Directional
  • Noise Reduction Yes
  • Sudden Noise Protection Yes (compression at 85dB)
  • Wind Noise Protection Yes
  • Feedback Management Yes
  • Battery Size #10
  • Service Warranty 1 year

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