Pro Ear (For irritated, itchy ears)

.5 oz Bottle of Pro Ear

All-Natural Botanical Remedy Quickly Relieves Aching, Irritated, Itchy Ears

Pro Ear is a wonderful product to try for ear aches and other ear problems. It is 100% natural and has the kind of nutrients in the ingredients that actually helps your skin repair itself. It is safe for people of all ages and color and can even be used on your pets.

How To Use
While lying on your side, apply 1-4 drops directly into the ear canal to help relieve irritated, aching or itching ears. Allow the Pro Ear to absorb for a minute or two before turning and applying in the opposite ear if needed. For easier insertion of hearing enhancers into the ear canal, carefully apply a small amount of Pro Ear onto your fingertips and lubricate the outer shell of the hearing device, avoiding any openings in the instrument. If you suspect damage to your eardrum, or experience any discharge, or experience severe or persistent pain, consult a physician.

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